November 16, 2011

Engaged Lady

That's right! I'm now an engaged lady, and the luckiest and most blessed lady at that! So happy I get to marry my best friend!

This update is long overdue, but here it goes...

On October 18th, Chris and I, after exactly 21 months of dating, had the exciting opportunity for our families to meet for the first time. Chris' family lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia and had not been able to make the trip down to Florida until now. So, as soon as we knew they were planning a Disney trip (and of course trip to visit us!), we jumped at the opportunity to have the two fams unite. 

Chris rented out the dock at our favorite restaurant, Hillstone (formerly Houston's), in Winter Park, Florida. I'd always dreamt of having a dinner on this dock, which is private from the rest of the restaurant and delicately adorned with white lights and linens against wooden chairs and tables. This evening and meeting only seemed appropriate for a dinner at this location. 

As I was anxious all day about the meeting of our families, Chris seemed oddly composed and calm, reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. I also freaked a little at the fact that the weather forecast called for 100% chance of rain and torrential down pours much like those in a tropical storm. But still, he remained calm and even called to see if we could be switched to the covered outdoor seating just in case.

With that, I ran around all day at the prompting of gathering fresh flowers to make arrangements for the table in hopes that our night would not be rained out. And once to the dinner I felt calm and at ease since our families were getting along wonderfully. 

Then, after dinner our plates were cleared and I noticed a familiar face out of the corner of my eye. It was one of our friends walking on to the dock. My first thought was, "Well that's random! What's the chance one of our friends would be walking on the dock and the exact time we were having dinner." And just then, I noticed about 30 of our closest friends quietly walking down together and surrounding us. I just sat there in shock and keep making random remarks like, "Hey guys, what are you all doing here?", while blushing profusely until it clicked and I realized what was happening.

I turned to look at Chris who was standing up and gesturing me to do the same. He started talking about how we first met and I accidentally showed up at the wrong door at his house (straight into this bedroom, awkward!) but how thankful he was that I walked through the wrong door and rightfully into his life. He went on to say how I make him a better man and I believe he said something about us being best friends (it was such a whirlwind I had a hard time concentrating on everything he was saying...good things for videos that were taken!). I glanced around and saw some of my best girl friends in full on tears, which made it so special that I had the most wonderful support system witnessing this moment. And then, he went down on one knee, pulled out the gorgeously, perfect ring and asked me if I would marry him. I think I responded with an excited, "Yes, of course!", and prompted him to put the ring on my finger.

Then all of our family and friends cheered and we got to spend the rest of the evening celebrating on a perfect evening, on the perfect dock and with the perfect man. Plus, God worked a miracle and it only drizzled for 5 minutes and was clear for the rest of the night; take that weather man! 

So, that ladies and gents is our engagement story. My man did so well with coordinating everything and making it a moment that I will cherish forever. He. Did. Good. Well actually, he did more than good. It was perfection :)

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  1. Tears in my eyes again! Love you so happy for you! xx aisling


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