October 26, 2014


26 weeks along with our sweet baby boy. OUR BABY BOY. Sometimes it still seems surreal that in just 14 short weeks we'll be greeting our little one and our lives will forever be joyfully changed by this sweet guy.

Pregnancy surely has been an adventure. The first trimester slowly rolled by, mostly because I was so anxious to share this exiting news with everyone. Beyond that, I am grateful the first trimester only gave me a handful of weeks of feeling tired and nauseous - he took it pretty easy on me! Now nearing the end of my second trimester, my only discomforts are backaches and learning how to bend over from this growing bump (my mister even helped me put a sock on the other day).

The coming weeks are jam-packed with exciting events, which I know are going to make these next couple months fly. Baby showers, hospital tour, visiting family up north, more baby showers, labor/delivery/breastfeeding classes, and of course the holidays! All for you little one, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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