April 17, 2013

Simple Moments

Fresh blueberries for breakfast | Making my desk at work more homey
Early morning conversation and chai lattes | Birthday cake baking for Chris
New goods from Anthropologie | Dinner with the ladies
Lunch time views | Mid-day espresso

Life has been consistently busy as of late, which makes the weeks go by faster than I can believe. So I've been trying to take time to focus on some of the more simple moments in life. A new favorite is when a good friend and I meet for coffee and tea in the morning; we like to end these mornings with leisurely walks around the town where we work. Even though the time we have is short compared to the day ahead of us, we've been feeling rejuvenated by the calmness of watching the city wake and feeling as if we've already accomplished some quality time. It's times like these that make you realize it is ok to stop and slow down. 

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