June 12, 2013


Blooming tulips | Dinner planning
New art print | Greenery for the office
Coconut ice cream sandwiches | Sunday breakfast
Salsa prep | Summer sandals

There has been all sorts of nesting going on over here, and for the record it's not the baby-kind-of-nesting just yet. I have been yearning for some more structure and simplicity in our home and daily routines. Picture frames have been dusted off and finally hung, closets cleaned out and organized, and the best yet...meal planning. Since moving in together after our wedding last spring, the nightly question, and occasional hangry question, remained "What are we doing for dinner?". And so, meal planning for the week has been a huge success and proved it's worth. Plus, not only has that dreaded question diminished, we've gained about an hour or two more enjoying our evening together. It's a win-win. 

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